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Friday, 6 October 2017

Best Indonesian Shrimp Exporters Production Method

By On October 06, 2017
You might want to be in contact with Indonesian shrimp exporters as they can be the supplier for your business. Furthermore the shrimp quality from Indonesia is usually very high, thus you would not be disappointed by your supplier if they are coming from Indonesia. The reason is because the Indonesia climate is warm, which is very suitable climate for the shrimp to grow. Thus you will be able to get more profit if you get your supply from this exporter. Yes, it might be common for you to get shrimp from US or even European countries as they are the first one that creates shrimp farming business back in the seventies era. However, the shrimp farming business is already spreading to Asian countries including Indonesia. Furthermore, you should know that the main exporter for shrimp comes from Asian country such as Indonesia as they have high quality product and abundant quantity to export.

Indonesian shrimp exporters making best quality product
Yes, the Indonesian shrimp exporters used to use only simple method to farm their shrimp as they do not have enough technology or knowledge to do better. But now the technology in this country is already advanced. They are also very knowledgeable about it as they already experienced in handling the shrimp from decades of farming that they have done. Now, they are able to farm various types of shrimp to export in many countries as demands for various types of shrimp keeps increasing every year.
The Indonesian shrimp exporters will start their product development even when the shrimp is still in the juvenile stage. Then they will grow it until it is big enough to be export to other countries. The challenge that the exporter will have to face is on the quality of the water used for the shrimp as well as the pond environment used to grow the shrimp inside. Usually a new pond that is only recently being created is not a good environment for the shrimp to grow yet. That is because there is not enough food supply inside the pond so they shrimp cannot get their food yet.
In the nature, the shrimp will eat on algae as well as insect’s larvae as the food. But when the pond is only recently being created, then there are no algae that grow or any insect larvae inside. And that happen for the first year of the pond that is only recently being created. That means the Indonesian shrimp exporters need other place to grow the juvenile in the mean time while wait for the pond to be good enough environment for the shrimp.
That is why, on the first time, the juvenile will be stored inside different storage for a while. But it is understandable as the juvenile itself is actually received from other hatchery. A first time exporter that does not have any juvenile to grow usually receives their first juvenile from different commercial hatchery. It is another business that you can also see in Indonesia.
Then the Indonesian shrimp exporters only need to make the pond which used to grow the shrimp later on. The making process of this pond is actually quite similar with the making process of catfish pond, thus it is very easy for Indonesian as they are familiar with the later fish. But you should know that the shrimp is actually can be growing inside water tank, swimming pool, and even aquarium when necessary. But the pond growing method usually gives the best result, thus this method is preferable compared to the other method we mention before.
Then the next process is to fill the pond with water that should be suitable for the shrimp to grow. That is why; the exporter will even check the water to test the quality to ensure that it is suitable for the shrimp to grow. The water itself can be taken from different sources such as river, reservoir or streams which actually plentiful in Indonesia as this country has large water area.
By making those best preparation method, then the Indonesian shrimp exporters will be able to create best quality product to be export to other country. That is why; you should not doubt their product and make them the supplier for your business to get the best quality.

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