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Friday, 6 October 2017

Indonesian Shrimp Suppliers with Best Product Result

By On October 06, 2017
You might need to have Indonesian shrimp suppliers to send their product for you which needed for the production process in your factory. Indonesia has a good quality Indonesia shrimp production since their climate which is very warm is very suitable climate for the shrimp to grow. That is why; there are a lot of suppliers that create shrimp farm in this country even though at first shrimp farming is start on European as well as US countries. But when the method is taken to Asian country, Indonesia is one of the countries that are successful in adapting the method to be used in their own country.

Best product result created by Indonesian shrimp suppliers
Actually, the farming method that is done in Indonesia used to be very simple as they did not have technology or knowledge to know better. But nowadays the farming method is already advanced as they are able to gain more information from their experience thus their farm is not lack behind other farms in Europe or even US countries. As they are not already become more professional farmer, then there are a lot of Indonesian shrimp suppliers that you can find. They may even have different kinds of shrimp to supply as the farmer also farm different kinds of shrimp in their farm.
Usually the farmer already starts the farming process ever since the shrimp is still in the juvenile form which they will grow further so it can be shrimp. However, their success is highly depends on the pond environment as well as the water quality that they uses when growing it. Sadly, a new pond that is only freshly being dug cannot be a good place to grow the shrimp. It does not have enough supply of food for the shrimp to grow, thus it is not a good environment to grow the shrimp.
The shrimp is usually eating the larvae of insects inside the pond as well as algae that growing inside the pond. But freshly dug pond does not have that entire item which uses as food supply by the shrimp, at least on the very first year. Thus the juvenile is better to be stored elsewhere during that time. That might be the reason why, Indonesian shrimp suppliers usually already have other places to grow the juvenile.
Actually the juvenile that the supplier owned is also coming from other hatchery. It is very common in Indonesia for a hatchery to sell their shrimp which is still in juvenile stage. They will sell it to new shrimp farmer that does not have shrimp to grow yet. Furthermore, their juvenile is usually in best quality thus the farmer is able to get the best seed to grow in their farm. It is a good business for the hatchery so they can get fast cash flow but it is also a good advantage for the Indonesian shrimp suppliers as they can get the juvenile to grow for the first time.
After getting the juvenile to grow, then the supplier only need to prepare the pond which later uses to grow the shrimp. It is actually very easy to prepare as the preparation is similar to one used to grow catfish. But even when they do not want to prepare a pond, the shrimp can actually growing inside water tank, swimming pool or even aquarium when necessary. Nevertheless the shrimp that is growing inside pond usually gives the best product result. Thus the Indonesian shrimp suppliers prefer to grow their shrimp in the pond even though it is actually harder to prepare compared to the other growing places.
Next thing to prepare by the supplier is a good water source for the pond. The water should have good quality that is suitable for the shrimp. Furthermore it should also have good oxygen level as the shrimp still need to have oxygen inside. That is why; they will even test the water before usage to ensure it is best use for the shrimp. The water itself can be taken from different types of source such as riverbank, stream, or even reservoir that is close to the farm. With all the preparation is done then now the Indonesian shrimp suppliers are able to grow the shrimp in their farm which will create best product result.

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