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Friday, 6 October 2017

Indonesian Shrimp Growth with Challenge from the Farming Industry

By On October 06, 2017
The Indonesian shrimp growth is really rapid right now as the demand for shrimp product also continues to increase each year. This demand is in line with the international shrimp demand which also continue to increase. However, the demand for shrimp which comes from Indonesia is getting larger because Indonesian shrimp product has great quality. That is why; many customers are specifically demand for shrimp product which originates from Indonesia so they can get great quality product to be used in their production. In time, this demand becomes the trigger for the growth of the Indonesian shrimp industry inside the country.

Farming industry contribution to Indonesian shrimp growth
The Indonesian shrimp growth is not come in an instant as the shrimp industry in Indonesia used to be very poor. In the old days, the shrimp industry does not have enough technology or information which needed for it to grow to be better. That is why; the growth of Indonesian shrimp industry is very slow in the old days. However, that is not the case anymore as currently the industry already get good support from technology which already advanced in Indonesia along with the knowledge that they gain from their own experience in producing the shrimp. Now the shrimp industry growth has become rapid because of those supports which make them able to create great quality product with various product selection given to the customer.
Learning about Indonesian shrimp growth, then we also need to learn about the shrimp farming method done by the farmer inside the industry. The farming method actually not easy to do as they need to grow the juvenile from the shrimp until it become larger size shrimp which already suitable to be sold commercially. There are many challenges that they need to face when the farmer want their farm to also grow better along with the industry’s growth. The main challenge that they have to face is to create good environment for the shrimp to grow so they can create great quality product.
This challenge cannot be done easily as there are a lot of other challenges inside the main challenge that they need to fulfill. First they need to create good pond which become the main place for the shrimp to grow. But this also cannot be done easily as the pond which is newly created is not a good environment for the shrimp to grow. This pond which is newly created does not have good quality food for the shrimp to eat, thus the shrimp should not be growing inside the pond for at least a year.
It is better to wait until the pond has become good environment so the farm can get a good growth along with the Indonesian shrimp growth. During this time, the juvenile can be farm using different storage place such as swimming pool, water tank or aquarium which actually very easy to create. If you are wondering why, they do not use those storage places in the first place, that is because growing the shrimp inside the pond is able to give the best quality product result for the farmer. Thus the farmer chooses to use the pond farming method instead even though it is not an easy thing to do.
Furthermore, they also need to ensure that the water which used to fill the pond is in suitable quality for the shrimp itself. That water can be taken from different sources such as reservoir, stream or a simple river. The water is needed so the algae can grow well inside the pond and the insect’s larva can life. These two items actually needed by the shrimp as their food source. But even better, the shrimp itself should also be able to live inside that water. That is why, before usage, the water will be tested so the Indonesian shrimp growth will not be hinder by bad quality water usage.
After the farmer is able to face those challenges, then the farm will surely able to create great quality product so the farm can grow better. The growth of the farm actually also contribute to the Indonesian shrimp growth thus it is actually very important to notice. If the farm can grow better that means the entire shrimp industry will also grow better along with it.

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