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Friday, 6 October 2017

Farmed Indonesian Shrimp Benefits

By On October 06, 2017
Sometime people said that the shrimp is eaten for the taste only not for the nutrition. Well, it is not totally wrong but you also need to know that there are wonderful healthy Indonesian shrimp benefits available for those who consumed it. Shrimp has a great taste, no doubt about it and that’s why they are cherished by many people especially seafood lovers. Not only the taste is great, but they also low in calories and packed with many nutrients like minerals and vitamins plus the high protein. There is nothing wrong by eating shrimp from both wild and farmed Indonesia due to these reasons.

All of the Indonesian shrimp benefits
All of the Indonesian shrimp benefits come from the rich nutrition contents in the shrimp. When consumed in moderate amount, the shrimp can provide beneficial healthy intakes for your body such as:
-          The minerals
There are many minerals properties inside one Indonesian shrimp and you will be able to gain so much healthy benefits when taste it. For example:
·         The iron that good to support red blood cells production and it is also help to prevent anemia.
·         Calcium and phosphor to strengthen both your bones and teeth while preventing osteoporosis.
·         Antioxidant properties which fight against free radicals that can cause cancers, so they can be used to lower cancer risk, and many more.
-          The vitamins
The vitamins are other things you can gain when eating Indonesian shrimp. The benefits of vitamin like vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin are provided by the shrimp. They are good to improve overall healthy body system and function. Your body need enough vitamin intakes each day and includes the shrimp as part of your diet will help to give more intakes.
-          Low in calories but high in protein
Along with the minerals and vitamins, Indonesian shrimp benefits also come from the high protein level. The protein ensures to boost your energy while help to built muscle tissue and to support weight loss by control your craving and appetite. Eating foods rich in protein is a mush when you want to take a weight loss diet.
There are still many healthy benefits provided by Indonesian shrimp which you can experience directly when cooking and eating the shrimp.
Is it safe to eat farmed shrimp from Indonesia?
More than 80 percents of shrimp sold in the market are farmed while the rest are wild caught. Due to the growing demand of shrimp in international market, wild caught shrimp are no longer supply such high demand and thus farmed shrimp is cultivated with the major producers come from Asian developing countries including Indonesia. The question then arises among people about whether is it safe to eat or consume farmed shrimp from Indonesia.
First, the Indonesian shrimp benefits are not only coming from its delicious taste or the healthy nutrition, but also from the suppliers who willing to give reasonable and cheaper price when you purchase farmed shrimp. Wild caught shrimp tend to have more expensive price than the farmed one. In addition, there are some benefits of unseasonal condition. You can only get wild caught shrimp during several seasons and this is means that you cannot have an access for them when they are out of the season. With farmed shrimp, they are available each year without you waiting for the season. That’s other farmed Indonesian shrimp benefits to take notes.
You do not need to worry with farmed shrimp as long as you can tell how the suppliers or the farmers cultivate, manage, and harvest the shrimp. If there are reputable suppliers then they are mostly manage the farmed shrimp in clean and hygienist ponds or tanks. They will offer good quality control for the shrimp to maintain them and to prevent contamination, diseases, and other chemical harmful matters. Moreover, if you look for Indonesian shrimp suppliers, you can also ask them their certificate to ensure the safety of the shrimp.
Usually imported seafood will get inspection from the regulators to make sure there are edible and free from bacteria or other contamination that can lead to dangerous threat. That’s why, it is okay to check for Indonesian suppliers and although they are sourced the shrimp from shrimp farms, as long as you know how to deal with them to ensure the safety then it is okay so you can still get Indonesian shrimp benefits.

Recipe Shrimp Indonesia Buying, Preparing, and Cooking

By On October 06, 2017
As one of the largest shrimp suppliers in the world, Indonesia has many shrimp dishes worth to be tried. Recipe shrimp Indonesia is really simple but the taste is wonderful. Indonesia is known as a maritime country with tropical waters that suitable for the shrimp to inhabit. There are many species of shrimp harvested each year both wild and farmed caught. The shrimp then sold domestically and internationally to various countries including America, Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries like Japan and Korea. The exported shrimp is known to have the best quality.
Wonderful taste of recipe shrimp Indonesia
Indonesia dish is known to have wonderful taste including delicious recipe shrimp Indonesia with delightful and flavorful appearance. Shrimp can be cooked in so many ways such as pan fried (yes, it is the simplest and the most popular way to cook the shrimp!), grilled, broiled, boiled, and so on. However, to have good taste you should be able to find great quality of shrimp too because the main ingredient and in this case is the shrimp will affect the end taste of your dish. Consider these things when buying shrimp at supermarket:
-          Avoid buying fresh shrimp that displayed on the seafood section.
First thing first, it is better to pick out the frozen shrimp instead of choosing the shrimp that labeled as “fresh” on the seafood counter. Why? Because it is unsure whether the shrimp is really the freshest or they are previously thawed then displayed as fresh shrimp. Who knows that the fresh shrimp you see is actually several days or weeks ago caught before being delivered to the market. Frozen sometime is better alternative if you cannot find fresh and raw shrimp that still alive.
-          Buy raw shrimp instead pre-cooked or cooked shrimp
To make a better recipe shrimp Indonesia taste, better you cook with raw shrimp instead of pre-cooked or cooked one. Pre-cooked or cooked shrimp is more difficult to be added by additional flavor because they are already ruined, you will end up with awful taste sometime so it is best to cook with raw uncooked frozen shrimp.
-          Purchase the best quality of frozen shrimp
Get your eyes and hands on the shrimp when you buying them at supermarket. First look for any odd visible signs of the shrimp to ensure that the shrimp is still in good condition. After that, if allowed by the seller, touch the shrimp and the flesh should be firm with bright and not dull appearance.
After you are done shopping for the shrimp then it is the time for you to start preparing and cooking simple recipe shrimp Indonesia.
Try this recipe shrimp Indonesia!
If this is your first time trying to cook with Indonesian recipe then it is fine since the recipe is really simple to try at home. First, you need to thaw the frozen shrimp right after you comeback from the store. If you want to cook the shrimp the next day, you can simply store the shrimp overnight to thaw slowly or if you want to quickly use them then you can soak the shrimp in cold water for few minutes.
After you are done thawing the shrimp, please prepare below ingredients to cook Sweet and Spicy shrimp recipe Indonesia (Udang Pedang Manis):
-          ⅓ cup of Indonesian sweet soy sauce
-          2 tbsp of oil
-          1½ tbsp of corn starch mixed with 3 tbsp of water
-          100 gr shallot or bawang merah
-          ¾ cup of chicken stock/ water
-          500 gr of peeled tail on and deveined shrimp in medium size
-          5-10 dried red chilies or according to your taste
1.      Prepare and heat the oil in frying pan. Sauté for three minutes the red chilies and shallot till they are smell fragrant.
2.      Add soy sauce and chicken stock and bring them to boil.
3.      Add the shrimp and start to cook them about one minute till the color turn bright red or pink.
4.      Add the corn start mixture to thicken the sauce and cook again for two minutes. After you are done cooking the shrimp, turn down the heat and then transfer the shrimp into clean serving plate. You can enjoy it with steamed rice.
If you have another recipe shrimp Indonesia and we are glad if you willing to share it too for us and enjoy the dish today!

Information about the Shrimp Export Data

By On October 06, 2017
Shrimp remains superior in seafood industry with many shrimp export data reported to be increased last year particularly for several large shrimp exporters. As one of the most valuable traded aquaculture products, farmed shrimp is still growing in terms of suppliers because it is profitable marine product which gives significant amount of benefit to annual income for some countries. Farming is used because the market demand excess the wild stocks of the shrimp and they are mostly farmed in tropical countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and other countries.
Two most popular shrimp species dominating shrimp industry are Pacific white shrimp and Black tiger shrimp. And these species accounted for about 80 percents for overall shrimp export data. As for your information, knowing about shrimp production and export data can help you to find shrimp suppliers who have enough stocks to meet market demand especially for some shrimp loving countries. If you want to import high quality shrimp products to other shrimp suppliers outside your living countries then finding supplier who can produce then export a lot is essential. Find more important information below.

Shrimp export data comparison in the world
Most shrimp production by countries are carried by China and followed by Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Brazil, Bangladesh, and so on. For these developing countries, shrimp export import market is essential since it provides essential income annually. Meanwhile, potential importers are shown to be United States, Japan, Europe, and other countries.
Frozen shrimp remains become one of the most attractive products in this market and their shrimp export data getting increased from one year to another. China is the largest shrimp producers but their products mostly distributed only for domestic need. Furthermore, India and Ecuador in the year of 2015, reported to experience some increase in the market.
As for last year, below is some information regarding shrimp production by country in the world which greatly affect the export date of this valuable marine product.
-          Thailand is the second largest producer after India country with increased shrimp production around 15 percent from 260,000 in 2015 to 300,000 metric tons last year.
-          Although India is the top shrimp exporter country, but last year the country only experienced some increase about 5 percent to 400,000 metric tons.
-          Vietnam shrimp production increased about 5 percent 220,000 metric tons. As for Indonesia shrimp production, it was increased about 23 percent to 270,000 metric tons.
Unfortunately, even though some countries experience some increase in their shrimp production. If we want to compare 2016 to 2015 worldwide shrimp production data, the amount was down by 1 percent.
Lower shrimp prices can create a better import demand for Asian suppliers and for this year, it is expected that in general, export activities for farmed shrimp will growing with good prices for both exporters and importers. Leading exporter markets remain the same with United States become one of the largest importers who likely import the products from Asian countries like India, Indonesia, etc. Europe, Japan, and China are other potential countries which need to be noted carefully. In Japan for example, the demand of several shrimp species such as black tiger and sea-caught shrimp as well as vannamei were strong in the catering trade since their domestic stock are low in supply.
In general, shrimp export data situation can be affected by many factors. The first one is the significant change of currency values. It has been reported that in 2015, countries like EU experienced some declined during January to August because the countries affected by the lower currency values. But, of course we hope that for later years like this day, it won’t happen anymore. Moreover, shrimp export data can also be affected by the disease. Shrimp disease becomes a hard challenge for many exporters since long ago and it is need to be taken care properly so it won’t cause bad affect with the export values. Many leading countries are suffers from lower production and export data due to being hit by shrimp diseases. And the affected countries need to recover from the falling production.
In conclusion, the shrimp export data will always fluctuate since many factors can change and affect the data. However, in general, shrimp market will never die since most of people still eating this delicious seafood and already become a part of their lifestyle.

Shrimp Nutritional Content that Beneficial for Health

By On October 06, 2017
You might want to understand more about shrimp nutritional content before eating this food item so you can get the benefits from it. Shrimp itself is crustacean which have skeleton outside their body named as exoskeleton. It is widely consumed as a whole including the heads, tail and even the outer skeleton. However, in America only the inside parts of the shrimp is consumed excluding those parts we mention before. Shrimp food also considered as food with the most variation since there are hundreds different shrimp species which is commonly consumed among thousands of shrimp species living around the world.

Information about shrimp nutritional contentThere are many kinds of nutritional content that is available inside the shrimps which proven to be beneficial for your body such as:
1.      Astaxanthin
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain astaxanthin around 1 to 4 milligrams. The amount of this nutrient inside the shrimp is varied based on the creature intake in their diet. Naturally this nutrient can be found inside either zooplankton or phytoplankton which becomes the shrimp natural food. This make shrimp naturally contains astaxanthin because they feed on zooplankton or other marine algae.
This shrimp nutritional content is used as antioxidant which beneficial for your body since it can help the work of musculoskeletal as well as nervous system. Furthermore this nutrient also able to reduce the risk from colon cancer as well as some diabetes related symptoms.
2.      Selenium
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain selenium around 56 micrograms. This mineral which found inside the shrimp body can easily be absorb by human body which is around 80% to 85% content available inside the shrimp body.
The lack of selenium inside human body can cause several problems such as the increase of heart failure risk as well as other cardiovascular symptoms. Some cognitive function problem, depression and risk for diabetes type 2 as well as other disease will also increase if your body is lacking this essential mineral.
3.      Copper
Shrimp nutritional content also includes copper which is actually available in high rate. The richness of this nutrient inside the shrimp cannot be match by other type of fish. Furthermore research has found the copper inside the shrimp comes from hemocyanin which a type of protein that contains the copper inside the shrimp body and plays important role in its oxygen metabolism. The copper itself is actually a type of antioxidant which very important for an enzyme function called as SOD. This enzyme is important to regulate your body in metabolize the oxygen and prevent any stress caused by oxidative matters.
4.      Omega 3
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain omega 3 around 325 to 375 milligrams which is very essential acid for your body. This shrimp nutritional content omega 3 inside the shrimp consist of EPA 50% and DHA 50% and both is highly important for the health of nervous system and cardiovascular system. Furthermore the omega 3 and omega 6 ratios is 1:1 which is a great ratio since higher ratio means lower risk of many kinds of disease.
5.      Protein
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain protein around 26 grams which already cover around 50% of daily protein need. This protein will be break down to be peptides which able to stimulate your body from producing a hormone called as cholecystokinin that produced by the cell which lines the intestinal tract. This hormone has very important role which able to regulate appetite so you will feel satisfy after eating a food since it will trigger the full feeling.
6.      Low calories
Another shrimp nutritional content that you should know is that the low calories that it has. Every medium size shrimp only contains 7 calories thus you can satisfy your shrimp craving without consuming too many calories. Furthermore you should also be happier since by having those low calorie number, the shrimp still has other great nutrient content.
Those are several information about shrimp nutritional content that you should know and able to make you more aware on the benefit of eating this food, thus shrimp also should be bought from trusted shrimp suppliers. Furthermore the nutrition inside the shrimp can be earn without consuming too many calories which you cannot done if you are to consume other type of food, thus it is another reason to consume shrimp.

Shrimps Classification and Information for Better Understanding

By On October 06, 2017
Some of you might be confused about shrimps classification thus you will need to know more information to make it clearer. Actually the shrimp itself is a ten legged crustacean live in the water habitat. Their body is elongated and swim in locomotion way. To swim forward they will use swimmeret which located on the underside of the abdomen to paddle. Then to swim backward they will use their tail and flick it very quickly repeatedly. Generally they swim forward slowly but they swim backward very quickly, thus it is the method that they use to escape from predators. Even though they have ten legs, but it is actually very thin and fragile, thus the legs are mainly function for perching rather than walking.

Shrimps classification information that you should know
Shrimp itself are available in abundant amount and it spread widely all around the world from the Antarctica Sea, to the tropical sea, thus it is very easy to found shrimp everywhere. Furthermore the shrimp habitat is not only in the sea but also on the lake as well as river. That is only possible because there are 2000 different species of shrimp that can be found around the world. Normally they will stay within small school which consists of numerous individual. Because of their nature which can survive in various habitat, shrimps can easily adapt to the changes that the water condition have.
Through shrimps classification, you will know that this crustacean generally has small size, some species even very small until it cannot be seen by naked eyes. The shrimp is invertebrates thus they do not have any backbone. However, they have very hard exoskeleton which is the shells part of their body. Most of the time the exoskeleton are transparent as well as colorless that is why it is difficult to even see the shrimp under the water.
Shrimp gets their food by filtering the sand and other particle in the water that surrounds them. Their foods are varied from animals to plant thus they are an omnivorous creature. However, their normal food is the algae which can easily be found in their living habitat. But they can also eat small plant particle as well as plankton and small size fish which living in the water.
There is a special snapping shrimp that can creates super loud sound which make the shrimps classification acknowledge it as the loudest sound inside the sea. It is even louder than gunshot, the jet engine sound and other sound created by other sea creature. This sound is created by hitting their small size and large size pincers together which will create super loud sound that can stun the shrimp’s prey thus it can be eaten.
Because of their abundant amount and small size, this make the shrimp become natural prey of many kinds of animals that live either inside the water or even above the water. They are often eaten by other crustaceans like crabs, starfish, sea urchin, whale, shark, dolphin, and even birds like puffin. Do not forget that shrimps classification also noted it as human food along with other kinds of animal species.
A female shrimp will lay millions of eggs in one time. And those eggs only take a few weeks for them to hatch inside the water. The small shrimp which hatched from the eggs will become one part of plankton until it is large enough to hunt by themselves in schools so they can eat bigger food particle.
Shrimps classification still noted that this creature is very close relatively with prawn because both of those creatures can swim inside the water which makes them different from other crustacean. However, there is still some difference between the two creatures which can be seen on their gill structure that is different from one another. However, until today there is different interpretation on which one is classified as shrimp and which one is classified as prawn. This difference is often found in many parts of the world and there is no secure standardization until today.
Those are some information about shrimps classification that you should know which we hope to help you knows more about this creature. Furthermore shrimps also have many kinds of shrimps benefits that is great for your health, thus you may want to consume it, and also don't forget to buy it from trusted shrimp supplier.

7 Variety Products from Tuna Products Supplier

By On October 06, 2017
Tuna products supplier offer various types of tuna fish product which produced into fresh or raw, frozen, cans or tins, steaks, fillets, and many more. Tuna is a major fish product distributed globally and can be found anywhere by customers. They are one of the most popular fish to be cooked as some dishes or eaten alone. Today, tuna fish gains more popularity because they are good sources for high quality nutrition content including omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Find trusted fresh tuna supplier is a must when you open some business that includes tuna serving or if you want to cook tuna personally at home. Learn what kind of products which you can buy at those suppliers here.

Variety of tuna products supplier
There are various tuna products which you can buy from your trusted tuna products supplier such as:
1.      Frozen whole round tuna (raw)
The tuna whole round without any change from its natural appearance is frozen immediately after caught and then stored at room with temperature minus 18 Celsius. As for business or restaurant, usually they are frozen at lower temperature about minus 40 to minus 60 Celsius in order to maintain its highest quality and for fresh tuna, it will be maintained at zero degree stored in ice.
2.      Fresh and frozen tuna Gilled, Gutted, Head off
To prevent spoilage and to maintain its high quality, the tuna head or gilled will be removed. This is also will reduce the weight and space. The tuna fish can also being handle by removing the gilled and clean the gut but head still on. This process usually takes place on the board before the fish being frozen.
3.      Fresh and frozen tuna loins and cuts (raw)
Tuna loins meaning that the fish has been cut as loins without bones and skins while presented as raw tuna product. It can be cleaned during fresh or frozen state and then after that packaged in foil to be sent as either fresh or frozen to restaurant by the tuna products supplier company. In addition, tuna can be cuts into various forms as well called tuna cuts such as steaks, sliced/ carpaccio, and saku blocks to be distributed to the restaurant.
4.      Frozen pre-cooked loins
This tuna product is cooked then cleaned by removing the bones, skins, and black meat in order to make tuna loins or fillets. After that the meats are frozen at minus 18 Celsius. This kind of product usually been ordered by tuna canneries which give the cleaning job to outsource companies.
5.      Canned tuna product
For canned product, the tuna fish is cooked and then cleaned by removing its bones, skins, blood veins, and black meats. After that the tuna meats are packaged into aluminum tins or cans. Oils, sauces, or water are usually being added and after the cans are closed with lids, the tuna products supplier factory will sterilize the cans with high heat at 121 degrees Celsius to prevent spoilage and to give the products shelf life for at least 3 years. This kind of products distributed with various sizes, weights, servings, and packs styles like in chunks, solid, shredded, or flakes. You can find such products mostly at grocery stores.
6.      Pouched tuna product
Almost similar with canned product from tuna product supplier, after being cooked the tuna then cleaned by removing its bones, skins, blood veins, and black meats. After that the tuna meats are packaged into alu-coated bag in the forms of broken chunks. Minimum amount of oil or brine then added and then the packages are vacuum-sealed. After that the product is being sterilized with some pressure. This will be distributed at grocery stores, food processing market, or for consumers.
7.      Katsuoboshi (smoked)
This product using Japanese filleted style by cutting the tuna into fillets and then dried, fermented, smoked. The tuna fish that usually being used is skipjack species and this product is popular as main ingredient of Japanese soups or as extra flavoring.
That’s several products from tuna products supplier which you can buy. When you want to get to the products, you should ask them how they process the products and how they caught or get the fish sources in terms of sustainability. Hope this information help you to understand more about tuna markets.

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