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Friday, 6 October 2017

Indonesian Shrimp Suppliers with Best Product Result

By On October 06, 2017
You might need to have Indonesian shrimp suppliers to send their product for you which needed for the production process in your factory. Indonesia has a good quality Indonesia shrimp production since their climate which is very warm is very suitable climate for the shrimp to grow. That is why; there are a lot of suppliers that create shrimp farm in this country even though at first shrimp farming is start on European as well as US countries. But when the method is taken to Asian country, Indonesia is one of the countries that are successful in adapting the method to be used in their own country.

Best product result created by Indonesian shrimp suppliers
Actually, the farming method that is done in Indonesia used to be very simple as they did not have technology or knowledge to know better. But nowadays the farming method is already advanced as they are able to gain more information from their experience thus their farm is not lack behind other farms in Europe or even US countries. As they are not already become more professional farmer, then there are a lot of Indonesian shrimp suppliers that you can find. They may even have different kinds of shrimp to supply as the farmer also farm different kinds of shrimp in their farm.
Usually the farmer already starts the farming process ever since the shrimp is still in the juvenile form which they will grow further so it can be shrimp. However, their success is highly depends on the pond environment as well as the water quality that they uses when growing it. Sadly, a new pond that is only freshly being dug cannot be a good place to grow the shrimp. It does not have enough supply of food for the shrimp to grow, thus it is not a good environment to grow the shrimp.
The shrimp is usually eating the larvae of insects inside the pond as well as algae that growing inside the pond. But freshly dug pond does not have that entire item which uses as food supply by the shrimp, at least on the very first year. Thus the juvenile is better to be stored elsewhere during that time. That might be the reason why, Indonesian shrimp suppliers usually already have other places to grow the juvenile.
Actually the juvenile that the supplier owned is also coming from other hatchery. It is very common in Indonesia for a hatchery to sell their shrimp which is still in juvenile stage. They will sell it to new shrimp farmer that does not have shrimp to grow yet. Furthermore, their juvenile is usually in best quality thus the farmer is able to get the best seed to grow in their farm. It is a good business for the hatchery so they can get fast cash flow but it is also a good advantage for the Indonesian shrimp suppliers as they can get the juvenile to grow for the first time.
After getting the juvenile to grow, then the supplier only need to prepare the pond which later uses to grow the shrimp. It is actually very easy to prepare as the preparation is similar to one used to grow catfish. But even when they do not want to prepare a pond, the shrimp can actually growing inside water tank, swimming pool or even aquarium when necessary. Nevertheless the shrimp that is growing inside pond usually gives the best product result. Thus the Indonesian shrimp suppliers prefer to grow their shrimp in the pond even though it is actually harder to prepare compared to the other growing places.
Next thing to prepare by the supplier is a good water source for the pond. The water should have good quality that is suitable for the shrimp. Furthermore it should also have good oxygen level as the shrimp still need to have oxygen inside. That is why; they will even test the water before usage to ensure it is best use for the shrimp. The water itself can be taken from different types of source such as riverbank, stream, or even reservoir that is close to the farm. With all the preparation is done then now the Indonesian shrimp suppliers are able to grow the shrimp in their farm which will create best product result.

Best Indonesian Shrimp Exporters Production Method

By On October 06, 2017
You might want to be in contact with Indonesian shrimp exporters as they can be the supplier for your business. Furthermore the shrimp quality from Indonesia is usually very high, thus you would not be disappointed by your supplier if they are coming from Indonesia. The reason is because the Indonesia climate is warm, which is very suitable climate for the shrimp to grow. Thus you will be able to get more profit if you get your supply from this exporter. Yes, it might be common for you to get shrimp from US or even European countries as they are the first one that creates shrimp farming business back in the seventies era. However, the shrimp farming business is already spreading to Asian countries including Indonesia. Furthermore, you should know that the main exporter for shrimp comes from Asian country such as Indonesia as they have high quality product and abundant quantity to export.

Indonesian shrimp exporters making best quality product
Yes, the Indonesian shrimp exporters used to use only simple method to farm their shrimp as they do not have enough technology or knowledge to do better. But now the technology in this country is already advanced. They are also very knowledgeable about it as they already experienced in handling the shrimp from decades of farming that they have done. Now, they are able to farm various types of shrimp to export in many countries as demands for various types of shrimp keeps increasing every year.
The Indonesian shrimp exporters will start their product development even when the shrimp is still in the juvenile stage. Then they will grow it until it is big enough to be export to other countries. The challenge that the exporter will have to face is on the quality of the water used for the shrimp as well as the pond environment used to grow the shrimp inside. Usually a new pond that is only recently being created is not a good environment for the shrimp to grow yet. That is because there is not enough food supply inside the pond so they shrimp cannot get their food yet.
In the nature, the shrimp will eat on algae as well as insect’s larvae as the food. But when the pond is only recently being created, then there are no algae that grow or any insect larvae inside. And that happen for the first year of the pond that is only recently being created. That means the Indonesian shrimp exporters need other place to grow the juvenile in the mean time while wait for the pond to be good enough environment for the shrimp.
That is why, on the first time, the juvenile will be stored inside different storage for a while. But it is understandable as the juvenile itself is actually received from other hatchery. A first time exporter that does not have any juvenile to grow usually receives their first juvenile from different commercial hatchery. It is another business that you can also see in Indonesia.
Then the Indonesian shrimp exporters only need to make the pond which used to grow the shrimp later on. The making process of this pond is actually quite similar with the making process of catfish pond, thus it is very easy for Indonesian as they are familiar with the later fish. But you should know that the shrimp is actually can be growing inside water tank, swimming pool, and even aquarium when necessary. But the pond growing method usually gives the best result, thus this method is preferable compared to the other method we mention before.
Then the next process is to fill the pond with water that should be suitable for the shrimp to grow. That is why; the exporter will even check the water to test the quality to ensure that it is suitable for the shrimp to grow. The water itself can be taken from different sources such as river, reservoir or streams which actually plentiful in Indonesia as this country has large water area.
By making those best preparation method, then the Indonesian shrimp exporters will be able to create best quality product to be export to other country. That is why; you should not doubt their product and make them the supplier for your business to get the best quality.

Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry Production Factors

By On October 06, 2017
You might be interested in knowing more about Indonesian shrimp farming industry especially when you have supplier from this country. Yes, it might be very easy for you to find shrimp supplier which comes from Indonesia country to give you the product that you need. Especially, since there are many shrimp farmers in this country, that can be your supplier. Furthermore the shrimp product that comes from this country also has high quality. This makes many business owners prefers Indonesian shrimp farmer to be their supplier. So they can get the best quality shrimp product to be used on their business production process.

Factors that effect Indonesian shrimp farming industry
Indonesia is very suitable country for shrimp farming as the climate which is warm is also very suitable climate for the shrimp to grow. That is one of the reasons why the shrimp product that comes from this country has high quality. However, the Indonesian shrimp farming industry used to be very small as they only done their production in simple process. Especially back in the sixties era, when the shrimp farming is only first started. During that period, they only own very little information about this farming process and they do not have technology to make it into industry level farming.
However, now the Indonesian shrimp farming industry is already advanced. Now, they already knowledgeable about the shrimp farming process and they also have advance technology to support their industry. Now this industry is already done professionally which make their product result stand out in the global market. Furthermore, they are able to farm many kinds of shrimp in their farm location, so the business owners that want to work with them will have various product selections to choose from.
Meanwhile the farming process on Indonesian shrimp farming industry itself is already started from when the shrimp is still in the juvenile life cycle stage. Then the farmer will grow it until it becomes shrimp and ready to be sold to other business owners that needs it. It seems very easy, but actually the process is highly depends on several factors such as pond environment as well as water quality which uses in the farming process.
For the pond, the challenge is already start from the beginning of the farming process. Especially since newly dug pond is not a good environment for the shrimp to grow as the food supply in the newly dug pond is not enough yet. When the shrimp is growing inside the pond, it should be able to feed on the algae that grow inside the pond and larvae insects that hatched on the pond. But since it is a newly dug pond, then the amount of those two items are not enough for the entire shrimp yet. The pond need at least one year for those two items to grow and available in abundant amount so the shrimp can feed on it.
That is why, in the waiting process for the pond to be ready, and then Indonesian shrimp farming industry process can be done in other places. Actually besides growing inside the pond, the shrimp can also be growing inside aquarium, water tank or even swimming pool. That is why, for the early stages of the shrimp, the farmer will grow it inside other storage while waiting for the pond to be ready. Then after the shrimp gets bigger, it will be transferred into the pond again. This transfer is necessary as the pond usually gives the best result compared to other growing storage that previously mentions. Thus the farmer prefers to grow the shrimp inside the pond.
The next thing that needs to be pay attention is about the water quality used inside the pond itself. The quality of the water should be suitable for the shrimp, which is why the water will be tested first before usage. There are many sources that can be use for the pond water such as reservoir, stream or even river. The pond should have good amount of water supply which should also have good oxygen quality. The Indonesian shrimp farming industry is highly depends on those two factors, but when those factors are fulfill then the result that they produce will have high quality so you can be sure with it.

Indonesian Shrimp Production Gives Great Quality Result

By On October 06, 2017
The Indonesian shrimp production is able to give great quality result which make this country becomes top supplier for shrimp product in the world. As demand for shrimp production continues to increase every year, a lot of suppliers from various countries are coming out every year. But the shrimp production in Indonesia continues to stay in top position as the quality of product that they produce cannot be matched by most countries. That is why the supplier that comes from Indonesia is trusted by many business owners. Thus demand for shrimp product from this producer continues to grow every economic year.

Great quality result from Indonesian shrimp production
However, the good quality that they get is not come right away as in the old days; the production itself is done in very traditional way. That is because in the old days Indonesian people does not have the right technology to be used in their production and they are not knowledgeable enough about the production process. But after decades of experience that they earn while doing the production and the development of new technology in the country, now Indonesian shrimp production can be done in more modern ways. Now their production method is as good as the one done by modern countries and their product is on a par with the product from those countries.
Furthermore, now they are already able to produce shrimp in different types thus the companies that uses Indonesian shrimp product will have various choices to get. Even though there are different types of shrimp is produced, but the production method itself is done in similar way. They first takes the shrimp which is still in juvenile stage to be use in their production which will then growing into shrimp which is the product that the company search from the Indonesian supplier.
The Indonesian shrimp production is able to create the best product from their production because they are able to give the best environment for the shrimp to grow. As you know that the Indonesia is lies on warm temperature area, and this temperature is actually very suitable temperature for the shrimp to grow. Another preparation that the Indonesian producer has done in their production is on the pond preparation as well as water preparation which actually very important for the shrimp life itself.
The pond which prepared by the producer will be dug so it can be use to retain the water inside so the shrimp can grow inside. That is why the soil on the pond should be good enough as it need to retain the water. Furthermore the condition of the pond which dug should also be suitable for the shrimp. That condition involving the number of food source inside the pond which should be enough for the shrimp. The shrimp inside the pond would need algae as well as insect larva as the food source that they can feed on. Indonesian shrimp production challenge comes when that condition cannot be fulfill on the first year of the pond is dug as those food source have not developed in enough amount.
To compensate with this problem, then the production will be moved temporarily on different location. It can be done as the shrimp actually can also grow well inside an aquarium, a swimming pool and even a water tank with large size. However, pond growing method is preferred for Indonesian shrimp production as this method can give the highest result.
Next challenge is on the water quality which should have suitable mineral for the shrimp to grow and it should also contain enough oxygen for the shrimp to life. To know all of that, then the water from several resources will be tested to determine which one is more suitable for the shrimp. Actually the resources of the water for the pond are varied as it can be taken from rivers, streams, and even reservoirs. Thus there is no problem in finding the perfect water condition which is suitable for the shrimp later. Then after the challenges are all fulfilled the Indonesian shrimp production can be done in perfect condition. That is the reason why, production which done in Indonesia can create the best product quality. Thus demand for their product will continue to increase every year as the production gets better.

Indonesian Shrimp Growth with Challenge from the Farming Industry

By On October 06, 2017
The Indonesian shrimp growth is really rapid right now as the demand for shrimp product also continues to increase each year. This demand is in line with the international shrimp demand which also continue to increase. However, the demand for shrimp which comes from Indonesia is getting larger because Indonesian shrimp product has great quality. That is why; many customers are specifically demand for shrimp product which originates from Indonesia so they can get great quality product to be used in their production. In time, this demand becomes the trigger for the growth of the Indonesian PG Industry inside the country.

Farming industry contribution to Indonesian shrimp growth
The Indonesian shrimp growth is not come in an instant as the PG Industry in Indonesia used to be very poor. In the old days, the PG Industry does not have enough technology or information which needed for it to grow to be better. That is why; the growth of Indonesian PG Industry is very slow in the old days. However, that is not the case anymore as currently the industry already get good support from technology which already advanced in Indonesia along with the knowledge that they gain from their own experience in producing the shrimp. Now the PG Industry growth has become rapid because of those supports which make them able to create great quality product with various product selection given to the customer.
Learning about Indonesian shrimp growth, then we also need to learn about the shrimp farming method done by the farmer inside the industry. The farming method actually not easy to do as they need to grow the juvenile from the shrimp until it become larger size shrimp which already suitable to be sold commercially. There are many challenges that they need to face when the farmer want their farm to also grow better along with the industry’s growth. The main challenge that they have to face is to create good environment for the shrimp to grow so they can create great quality product.
This challenge cannot be done easily as there are a lot of other challenges inside the main challenge that they need to fulfill. First they need to create good pond which become the main place for the shrimp to grow. But this also cannot be done easily as the pond which is newly created is not a good environment for the shrimp to grow. This pond which is newly created does not have good quality food for the shrimp to eat, thus the shrimp should not be growing inside the pond for at least a year.
It is better to wait until the pond has become good environment so the farm can get a good growth along with the Indonesian shrimp growth. During this time, the juvenile can be farm using different storage place such as swimming pool, water tank or aquarium which actually very easy to create. If you are wondering why, they do not use those storage places in the first place, that is because growing the shrimp inside the pond is able to give the best quality product result for the farmer. Thus the farmer chooses to use the pond farming method instead even though it is not an easy thing to do.
Furthermore, they also need to ensure that the water which used to fill the pond is in suitable quality for the shrimp itself. That water can be taken from different sources such as reservoir, stream or a simple river. The water is needed so the algae can grow well inside the pond and the insect’s larva can life. These two items actually needed by the shrimp as their food source. But even better, the shrimp itself should also be able to live inside that water. That is why, before usage, the water will be tested so the Indonesian shrimp growth will not be hinder by bad quality water usage.
After the farmer is able to face those challenges, then the farm will surely able to create great quality product so the farm can grow better. The growth of the farm actually also contribute to the Indonesian shrimp growth thus it is actually very important to notice. If the farm can grow better that means the entire PG Industry will also grow better along with it.

Indonesian PG Industry Production Development for New Farmers

By On October 06, 2017
More information about Indonesian PG Industry is needed if you really want to understand more about their production. As we know, Indonesia has become one of the top countries in shrimp production as the PG Industry in this country is already advanced. With the encouragement from global shrimp demand, the industry continues to grow itself to be better in order to fulfill the demand. It is not surprising anymore that the industry is able to developed itself to be better each year as the demand also continue to increase each year. That is why; many people outside the country are beginning to take some interest in the PG Industry which takes place in Indonesia.

New farmers development inside Indonesian PG Industry
The Indonesian PG Industry is already started since the sixties era as it is the start of PG Industry around the world. However, during that era, the shrimp industry in Indonesia is not really an industry as it is done in very simple way thus it is not really suitable to be called as industry. There is less technology that they can use during that era, and they also lacking information which makes the industry cannot grow better as fast as it should be. However, after decades of development and experience that they gain during the time, now you can see that the PG Industry in Indonesia has become advanced. You can even compare their industry side by side with industry in the other country. Furthermore now they already able to produce many kinds of shrimp in the industry which show that the information they get is already wide.
The Indonesian PG Industry is able to grow because of the shrimp farming in the country which is supported by many parties. Thus the industry gains a lot of support not only from the people inside the industry, but also from the government and the society. Especially since the industry is able to give a lot of contribution to the country’s economic gain. Thus the government and the society are supporting the industry so it can continue to get better which in time will also increase their contribution to the country itself. Furthermore, they also support the growth of the PG Industry in Indonesia by encouraging new farmer to also take part inside this industry. By giving enough knowledge and support now new farmer are able to developed high quality product even though they are new inside the industry,
Important knowledge that new farmer have to know is about the pond preparation which needed when they want to take part inside the Indonesian shrimp industry. Now even a new farmer already know that they need to prepare the pond at least one year ahead of production time in order to create high quality product. They already know that a new pond cannot be use to grow the shrimp for at least one year time period. During that time period the food supply which is needed by the shrimp is still developing, thus there would not be enough food supply inside the pond if they even insist to grow the shrimp inside.
That is why, during that time period they will grow the shrimp temporarily inside different storage. It is actually very easy for them to find different storage to be use as temporary growing storage for the shrimp as the shrimp actually can grow in various environments. Furthermore Indonesian PG Industry is also done using different storage as the environments such as water tank, aquarium or even a swimming pool. However, as it seems that the shrimp grows better inside pond environment, then this environment is still preferred by many people inside the industry.
Other knowledge that new farmer need to know in order to create high quality product is about the water supply given for the pond itself. The water supply can be taken from many kinds of resources such as river, reservoir and even stream. However, that water should have the required condition which needed by the shrimp to grow better. Thus with the support of new and more advanced technology, now they are able to test the water to know if the condition match with the requirement. By doing that entire preparation, even new farmer inside the Indonesian PG Industry is as good as old farmer.

Notes about the Shrimp Exporter Indonesia

By On October 06, 2017
Seafood can come from all over the world but the best seafood exported is from Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the largest shrimp exporter and they can ship you tons of shrimp species each year. When you want to order from shrimp exporter Indonesia then you need to understand first about export import activities and why shrimp is such an important commodity in international seafood market. When the shrimp is exported to many countries, they need to be checked to ensure the safety and the quality of the shrimp and this is also some rules that need to be completed by Indonesian suppliers so you can order from them in such an ease.
Important information regarding shrimp exporter Indonesia
Shrimp exporter Indonesia often ships their seafood products to numerous areas and countries both in fresh and frozen state. They are also willing to deliver you shrimp with wide variety of conditions like raw or cooked shrimp, peeled or unpeeled, head and tail off or on, and so on. More importantly, you need to understand that most of the shrimp exported are harvested from shrimp farms. Of course they can deliver wild caught shrimp as well, but since the stock of wild shrimp cannot longer meet high market demand, shrimp then has been cultivated in huge tanks and ponds so the suppliers can still export the shrimp regarding of the required stock amount.
In addition, when you hear about farmed shrimp maybe you are cautions with the hygienist and the safety as well as the possible contamination. It is true that farmed shrimp has several risk related to contamination such as bacteria, toxic, and other chemical hazards. However, not all the shrimp is managed with such improper ways because with today’s tech, large manufacturers can cultivate and harvest the shrimp with good quality control and management. This is why it is important to search and order from large and trusted shrimp exporter Indonesia rather than the small one because they can tell you specifically about how they raise their shrimp and whether they use strict rules to manage their safety and quality control of the shrimp.
When the shrimp is harvested either wild or farms, the shrimp is usually frozen immediately to keep the freshness before being processed. It is particularly happen when the ocean or the farms locations are far away from the facilities. After the shrimp is arrives on the facilities, they will be checked one by one to ensure the quality and safety or whether or not the shrimp is edible to consume and free from disease and other contamination. The shrimp then will be processed in the factory and they will deliver or sell to you in frozen especially for export commodities to maintain the freshness. Shrimp that proper stored can last for months.
In conclusion, not all imported seafood is bad especially the shrimp. If the manufacturers follow the health as well as the export regulations according to their destination of countries then you can sure that their products are mostly safe to be sold and consumed. Now, what kind of tips you need to follow when search and order from shrimp exporter Indonesia?
1.      Search and get good recommendation for some trusted Indonesian exporters. You need to find not only one but also several exporters so you can compare them one by one.
2.      Ask them whether the shrimp are wild caught or taken from shrimp farms. If the shrimp is harvested from the farms then make sure you question about the quality control and management to ensure the shrimp free from disease and contamination.
3.      Ask them about the storage and delivery processing, it is just to make sure that the shrimp can be kept freshness till they are arrive to your country or area.
4.      Ask how long you need to wait until the shrimp delivered and arrive safely in front of your door. Overnight shipping cost might also cost more so prepare for the budget.
If you can find good shrimp exporter Indonesia then you can depend on them to deliver and ship you their shrimp products every season. And do not worry about the seasonal shrimp thanks to the farmed shrimp technologies; you can be able to get any shrimp species even when they are not in season yet.

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